Hands Across Texas

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Poem Five


I've swum the raging waters looking for a friend.
I've searched in greener pastures with a million other men.
I've been to the Mountaintop, with my staff and my rod.
I've flown through distant galaxies, in search of my God.
I've seached the eyes of a Mother, as she toiled with her child.
I've been to far away places, they covered a million miles.
I've desperately spoke with intelligent men without even getting a nod!
When I only asked them one question.
Where is God?
At last I came home, and someone dear to me
Said, "My Son, you'll not find him in the lands across the sea."
Then she took my mind, and carefully guided me to the part
That said, "The Lord is not found in worldly things, but found in my heart."