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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Poem Two

MY LIFE (Will Pickett)

Roping steers
through the years
has taken a toll
on this old soul
But I press on
from dusk 'til dawn
This is my life
In this profession I was the best
crowned by the jewel of the West
Thrilled them from England to Colorado,
Texas to Mexico
Gave them their money's worth
not a penny less
In the beginning, and in the end
I've had my share of friends
like Will Rogers and Tom Mix
But Hollywood had their pick
I couldn't make it in
because of the color of my skin
Still, I pressed on
Life for me hasn't been bad
Have more now than I ever had
living in and on God's grace
sharing his time in this place
So I will press on
from dusk 'til dawn
This is my life